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Here, I review the distribution records of 14 saproxylic beetles: Corticeus bicolor (Olivier, 1790), Corticeus fasciatus (Fabricius, 1790), Corticeus fraxini (Kugelann, 1794), Corticeus linearis (Fabricius, 1790), C. longulus (Gyllenhal, 1827), C. unicolor Piller & Mitterpacher, 1783 and Palorus depressus (Fabricius, 1790) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae); Bothrideres bipunctatus (Gmelin, 1790) (Bothrideridae Erichson, 1845); Colydium elongatum (Fabricius, 1787) and Pycnomerus terebrans (Olivier, 1790) (Zopheridae Solier, 1834); Cucujus cinnaberinus (Scopoli, 1763) (Cucujidae Latreille, 1802); Dendrophagus crenatus Paykull, 1799 (Silvanidae Kirby, 1837); Pytho depressus (Linnaeus, 1767) (Pythidae Solier, 1834) and Zilora obscura (Fabricius, 1794) (Melandryidae Leach, 1815) in Eastern Bohemia (Czechia).  
19.01.2021 | Josef Mertlik | ELATERIDARIUM
Species Clambus pallidulus Reitter, 1911 stat. n. and Clambus shinto Endrödy-Younga, 1986 stat. n. are defined on the basis of the differences detected on male genitalia, distribution and bionomic requirements. Previous subspecies have been elevated to species level. A map showing the distribution of Clambus pallidulus based on known faunistic data from Europe and new findings from the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia was created. The species Clambus pallidulus Reitter, 1911 is newly corroborated from the territory of Albania, the Czech Republic and Greece and is a new species for Slovenia.  
08.01.2021 | Milan Boukal1, Karel Rébl2 & Marion Mantič3 | ELATERIDARIUM

Dne 1. ledna 2021 byla provedena kompletní aktualizace faunistických map Česka a Slovenska (197 map), pro druhy čeledí Cerophytidae (1), Elateridae (160), Eucnemidae (23), Lissomidae (1) a Throscidae (12).

Faunistické mapy s doprovodným textem jsou na adrese: http://www.elateridae.com

Máte-li nepublikované údaje a jste ochotni se o ně podělit s ostatními kolegy, tak je v našich článcích rádi zveřejníme. I vy sami můžete využít služeb našeho internetového časopisu Elateridarium.

Všem kolegům, kteří se zapojili do faunistického mapování velice děkujeme a těšíme se na další spolupráci!

This work presents new data (from the years 2018 and 2019) from a survey of beetles (Coleoptera) of the Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve Křivoklátsko (Czech Republic). In addition to the already registered species (JANUŠ 2016, JANUŠ et al. 2018), several new and older published records have been added, and 115 species have been newly introduced for the area. In total, 3573 species are known from the surveyed area. Of these, 791 species are listed in the Red List of Endangered Species of the Czech Republic – Invertebrates. The species Bolitochara lucida (Gravenhorst, 1802) and Sepedophilus bipustulatus (Gravenhorst, 1802) are reclassified from the bioindicator group R2 to R1. The species Bolitochara tecta Assing, 2014 is newly included in the bioindicator group R2. The species Sepedophilus bipunctatus (Gravenhorst, 1802) is reclassified from the bioindicator group R1 to R2 and at the same time it is excluded from the category VU (vulnerable). The species Dropephylla ioptera (Stephens, 1834) is excluded from the category CR (critically endangered).  
02.12.2020 | Jiří Januš 1, Pavel Moravec 2, Karel Rébl 3 & Miroslav Zýka 4 | ELATERIDARIUM
Records of 48 species from „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“, „Roztocký Háj- Tiché údolí Natural Reserve“ and environs are firstly reported: Coleoptera: Brentidae: Apioninae (1 species), Melyridae (1 species), Nitidulidae (1 species), Scirtidae (1 species), Latridiidae (1 species), Mycetophagidae (1 species), Scarabaeidae (4 species), Cerambycidae (2 species), Carabidae (1 species), Ptinidae (1 species), Elateridae (1 species), Curculionidae (4 species), Staphylinidae (1 species), Lucanidae (1 species), Coccinellidae (1 species); Chrysomelidae (1 species); Heteroptera: Pentatomidae (1 species), Miridae (1 species); Diptera: Syrphidae (11 species), Oestridae (1 species); Raphidioptera (1 species); Blattaria (2 species); Hemiptera: Issidae (1 species), Dictyopharidae (1 species), Cercopidae (2 species), Cixiidae (3 species); Neuroptera (1 species).  
11.11.2020 | Jiří Háva | ELATERIDARIUM
The first records of the long-horned beetle Calamobius filum (Rossi, 1790) in Bohemia (part of the Czechia) are reported by Dongres & Cihlář (2010). The present paper reports the additional records from 2009 to 2015 from Příbram region in Central Bohemia. Northward expansion of this species and published data about its occurrence in the Czechia are discussed, including notes on biology and finding circumstances.  
27.10.2020 | Ondřej SEDLÁČEK 1, 2, †Stanislav URBAN & David SOMMER 3, 4 | ELATERIDARIUM
The new faunistics data for 31 species belonged to family Dermestidae (Coleoptera) known from Czechia and Slovakia are summarized. The two species Anthrenus (Nathrenus) signatus Erichson, 1846 and Anthrenus (Anthrenus) flavipes flavipes LeConte, 1854 are newly recorded from the Czechia (Moravia), species Trogoderma granarium Everts, 1898 is newly recorded from Slovakia. The parasitism of Holepyris sylvanidis (Brethes, 1913) (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) on Trogoderma angustum (Solier, 1849) from the Czechia is recorded for the first time. Check-list of recorded species is attached.  
26.03.2020 | Jiří Háva | ELATERIDARIUM
The following three species are newly recorded from Iran: Thorictus irakensis John, 1963, Thorictus orientalis orientalis Peyron, 1857 and Thorictus lederi Reitter, 1881.  
21.03.2020 | Jiří Háva (1, 2) & Martin Švarc (3) | ELATERIDARIUM
In this paper, We provide the list of the records of Rhacopus sahlbergi (Mannerheim, 1823) in Czechia and Slovakia. First record of R. sahlbergi from Czech is presented.  
26.02.2020 | Michal Kavka & Josef Mertlik | FAUNISTICS MAPS CZECH & SLOVAK | ELATERIDARIUM
Beetles (Coleoptera) of 147 selected species in 45 families are recorded from Chrudim (Eastern Bohemia, Czechia) and published in this article with faunistic informations. During the years 1992-2019 the most interesting records are Ochina latreillei (Bonelli, 1809), Lignyodes bischoffi (Blatchley & Leng, 1916), Dorytomus minutus (Gyllenhal, 1836), Macronychus quadrituberculatus Müller, 1806, Dactylosternum abdominale (Fabricius, 1792), Haptoncus ocularis (Fairmaire, 1849), Pleurophorus caesus (Creutzer, 1796), Prionocyphon serricornis (P.W.J. Müller, 1821), Cynaeus angustus (Le Conte, 1851) and Latheticus oryzae Waterhouse, 1880. The attracting in UV-light trap near author´s house was the mostly used collecting method.  
24.02.2020 | Vladimír Hron | ELATERIDARIUM
Here, I review the distribution records of Geotrupidae Latreille, 1802 (7 species), Scarabaeidae Latreille, 1802 (75 species) and Trogidae W.S. Macleay, 1819 (5 species) in eastern Bohemia (Czechia). Exact locality data are given. Three species from family Scarabaeidae were removed from the fauna of eastern Bohemia: Agrilinus constans (Duftschmidt, 1805), Melinopterus punctatosulcatus punctatosulcatus (Sturm, 1805), and Planolinoides borealis (Gyllenhal, 1827).  
04.02.2020 | Josef Mertlik | ELATERIDARIUM
Here, I review the distribution records of Emus hirtus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in eastern Bohemia (Czechia).  
09.01.2020 | Josef Mertlik | ELATERIDARIUM
Here, I review the distribution records of 19 species of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) in northwestern Slovakia: Geotrupes spiniger (Marsham, 1802), Oxyomus sylvestris (Scopoli, 1763), Calamosternus granarius (Linnaeus, 1767), Esymus pusillus (Herbst, 1789), Parammoecius corvinus (Erichson, 1848), Melinopterus consputus (Creutzer, 1799), M. prodromus (Brahm, 1790), M. sphacelatus (Panzer, 1798), Acrossus luridus (Fabricius, 1775), A. depressus (Kugelann, 1792), Planolinus fasciatus (Olivier, 1789), Aphodius pedellus (De Geer, 1774), Agrilinus ater (DeGeer, 1774), Onthophagus coenobita (Herbst, 1783), O. fracticornis (Preyssler, 1790), O. joannae Goljan, 1953, O. ovatus (Linnaeus, 1758), O. vacca (Linnaeus, 1767) a O. verticicornis (Laicharting, 1781).  
07.01.2020 | Josef Mertlik | ELATERIDARIUM
Records of 23 species from „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“, „Roztocký Háj-Tiché údolí Natural Reserve“ and environs are firstly reported: Coleoptera: Cerambycidae (3 species), Chrysomelidae (3 species), Curculionidae (1 species), Elateridae (1 species), Geotrupidae (1 species), Mordellidae (1 species), Mycetophagyidae (1 species), Ripiphoridae (1 species), Scarabaeidae (2 species); Diptera: Bombyliidae (1 species), Syrphidae (9 species); Mantodea: Mantidae (1 species).  
16.12.2019 | Jiří Háva | ELATERIDARIUM
In this paper, I provide the list of the records of Ectamenogonus montandoni Buysson, 1889, Megapenthes lugens W. Redtenbacher, 1842 and Procraerus tibialis Lacordaire, 1835 in Czechia and Slovakia. The biotopes of these click-beetle species are described in detail and photodocumented. The website photogallery containing 327 photographs of the biotopes is provided as a supplement of this paper. Elater melanotoides Reitter, 1891, included in the genus Ectamenogonus by Cate (2007), is here transferred to genus Brachygonus as B. melanotoides (Reitter, 1891), comb. nov.  
In this paper, the list of the records of Ischnodes sanguinicollis (Panzer, 1793) in the Czechia and Slovakia is provided, as well as the first records for Montenegro. The biotopes of this click-beetle species are described in detail and photo-documented. The website photogallery containg 412 photographs of the biotopes is a supplement of this paper (see Summary).  
Here, I review the distribution records of six species of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) in eastern Bohemia (Czech Republic): Geotrupes spiniger (Marsham, 1802), Coprimorphus scrutator (Herbst, 1789), Acrossus luridus (Fabricius, 1775), Melinopterus sphacelatus (Panzer, 1798), Nimbus contaminatus (Herbst, 1783) and Rhodaphodius foetens (Fabricius, 1787). Exact locality data for the above mentioned species are given.  
04.02.2019 | Josef Mertlik | ELATERIDARIUM
First findings of Adrastus circassicus Reitter, 1896 from Slovakia is given. The biotope of these species is described in detail and photo-documented.  
In this paper the comlete list of beetles (Coleoptera) representing 77 families and 1357 species collected, observed and included data from publications in the „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“ (Czech Republic) are given. The region under study was carried out in 2007-2018 individual collect qualitative families of beetles (Coleoptera). The following list also includes were collected in a neighboring village Únětice, Roztoky, and follow-up “Roztocký Háj-Tiché údolí Nature Reserve”.  
10.01.2019 | Jiří Háva | ELATERIDARIUM
The species Nosodendron fasciculare (A. G. Olivier, 1790) is firstly recorded from Greece: districts Ahaia, Arkadía, Évia and Etolía Akarnanía and Bulgaria.  
26.11.2018 | Jiří Háva, Bořivoj Zbuzek & Josef Mertlík | ELATERIDARIUM
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