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First finding of Microrhagus pyrenaeus Bonvouloir, 1872 from Slovakia is given. Its distribution and bionomic notes are also presented.  

Připravujeme dodatek k revizi balkánských Dim (Mertlik et al. 2017). Začátkem podzimu bychom ho chtěli odeslat do redakce.

Budou tam popisy dvou nových Dim, z Albánie (Logara) a z Řecka (Timfristós). Druh Dima etoliensis budeme synonymizovat s D. evritaniensis a od D. hirtipennis popíšeme samce.

Při té příležitosti se chci zeptat, jestli náhodou ve sbírce nemáte nějaké Dimy, které jsem ještě nedeterminoval. Jedná se mi o jižní Dimy (D. elateroides není pro dodatek důležitá). Pokud něco máte, napište mi prosím ( Děkuji, Josef Mertlik

In the Czech Republic, Bidessus grossepunctatus (Vorbringer, 1907) is a critically endangered species and it is mostly known from south Bohemia (Třeboňsko area). Here I present new record of this species in small freshwater pool near České Budějovice. The second presented record is from fishpond Medenice near Chlum u Třeboně (Třeboňsko area), both south Bohemia.  
12.05.2017 | Vojtěch Kolář | ELATERIDARIUM
The rare beetles species, Phloiophilus edwardsi Stephens, 1830, was found on two new localities in the Czech Republic. These records represent the first reliable faunistic data from the Czech Republic after a long time. Notes on the biology are given and some collecting circumstances are discussed.  
04.04.2017 | Michal Bednařík | ELATERIDARIUM
In this paper, a complete list of records of the saproxylic Elateridae in Eastern Bohemia is given. Altogehter, 38 species have been found in the region: Ampedus aethiops (Lacordaire, 1835), A. auripes (Reitter, 1895), A. balteatus (Linnaeus, 1758), A. brunnicornis Germar, 1844, Ampedus cardinalis (Schiödte, 1865), A. cinnabarinus (Eschscholtz, 1829), A. elegantulus (Schönherr, 1817), A. elongatulus (Fabricus, 1787), A. erythrogonus (P. W. Müller, 1821), A. karpathicus (Buysson, 1886), A. nigrinus (Herbst, 1784), A. nigerrimus (Lacordaire, 1835), A. nigroflavus (Goeze, 1777), A. pomonae (Stephens, 1830), A. pomorum (Herbst, 1784), A. rufipennis (Stephens, 1830), A. sanguineus (Linnaeus, 1758), A. sanguinolentus (Schrank, 1776), A. sinuatus Germar, 1844, Brachygonus dubius (Platia & Cate, 1990), B. megerlei (Lacordaire, 1835), Calambus bipustulatus (Linnaeus, 1767), Cardiophorus gramineus (Scopoli, 1763), Crepidophorus mutilatus (Rosenhauer, 1847), Danosoma fasciata (Linnaeus, 1758), Denticollis interpositus (Roubal, 1941), D. linearis (Linnaeus, 1758), D. rubens Piller & Mitterpacher, 1783, Diacanthous undulatus (DeGeer, 1774), Elater ferrugineus Linnaeus, 1758, Hypoganus inunctus (Lacordaire, 1835), Ischnodes sanguinicollis (Panzer, 1793), Lacon querceus (Herbst, 1784), Melanotus castanipes (Paykull, 1800), M. villosus (Geoffroy, 1785), Procraerus tibialis (Lacordaire, 1835), Stenagostus rhombeus (A. G. Olivier, 1790), and S. rufus (DeGeer, 1774). Seven species have been probably locally extinct in Eastern Bohemia, i.e. A. melanurus (Mulsant & Guillebeau, 1855), A. praeustus (Fabricius, 1792), A. tristis (Linnaeus, 1758), Lacon lepidopterus (Panzer, 1800), Limoniscus violaceus (P. W. J. Müller, 1821), Megapenthes lugens (W. Redtenbacher, 1842), and Podeonius acuticornis (Germar, 1824). Faunistic maps for all species as well as the brief descriptions of their biotopes and their connections to the certain wood-decay fungi are given. Additionally, I provide here an overview of the biotopes for the species inhabiting the natural oak forests in Eastern Bohemia, with the comments on the potential biotope conservation for the endangered species. A web page photo gallery including 1953 biotope photographs serves as a supplement to this paper.  
In this paper first records of 16 species are given to the fauna of Albania. The beetles belong to the Families: Staphylinidae (3 Species), Biphyllidae (1 Species), Colydiidae (3 Species), Melandryidae (1 Species), Scarabaeidae (1 Species), Rhynchitidae (1 species), Curculionidae (6 species) and were collected in the years 2014-2015.  
09.01.2017 | Marcel Mühlfeit | ELATERIDARIUM
Records of 2 species (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), 2 species (Coleoptera: Dermestidae), 5 species (Diptera: Bombyliidae), 4 species (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae), 1 species (Odonata: Libellulidae) and 5 species (Orthoptera: Acrididae, Gryllidae) from „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“ are summarized and firstly reported. Two species of Dermaptera are firstly recorded from the Natural Reserve.  
08.01.2017 | Jiří Háva & Jiří Háva jun. | ELATERIDARIUM
The paper deals with the distribution of the species Curimopsis incisa Obenberger, 1917 on the coast of the Ionian Islands (Iónioi Nisoi). The known bionomics of the species and all published records are discussed. The Albanian specimens were compared with the type specimen/type series stored in the National Museum Prague (Czech Republic). The first record for the Albania.  
05.01.2017 | Milan Boukal | ELATERIDARIUM

Dne 1.1.2017 byla provedena kompletní aktualizace faunistických map České republiky a Slovenska (197 map), pro druhy čeledí Cerophytidae (1), Elateridae (160), Eucnemidae (23), Lissomidae (1) a Throscidae (12).

Faunistické mapy a doprovodný komentář jsou na této adrese:

Máte-li nepublikované údaje a jste ochotni se o ně podělit s ostatními kolegy, tak je v našich článcích rádi zveřejníme. I vy sami můžete využít služeb našeho internetového časopisu Elateridarium.

Všem kolegům, kteří se zapojili do faunistického mapování velice děkujeme a těšíme se na další spolupráci!

In this report new locations of Lamprodila rutilans from Western
Bohemia are presented. Three locations are situated in Plzeň
region. And other three locations are situated in Karlovy Vary
10.11.2016 | Tomáš Fiala | ELATERIDARIUM
Additional information to the biology of Farsus dubius (Piller and Mitterpacher, 1783) is presented. Perris’s descriptions and observations are compared, different developmental stages are photographically imaged. With 22 figures.  
07.11.2016 | Tamás Németh & Robert L. Otto | ELATERIDARIUM
I reviewed the morphological variability and distributional data for the species of the subgenus Orthathous Reitter, 1905 (Dendrometrini, Athouina, Athous) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighbouring countries (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine). I provided the historical background regarding the identifications of the following species: Athous apfelbecki Reitter, 1905; A. bicolor (Goeze, 1777); A. campyloides Newman, 1833; A. carpathophilus Reitter, 1905; A. cavulus Reitter, 1905; A. euxinus Buysson, 1912; A. gottwaldi Lohse, 1978; A. jejunus Kiesenwetter, 1858; A. kasovskyi Platia & Gudenzi, 2007; A. kaszabi Dolin, 1986; A. lomnickii Reitter, 1905; A. petronelae Platia, 2008; A. picipennis Reitter, 1905; A. plagipennis Reitter, 1905; A. serbicus Reitter, 1905; A. silicensis Laibner, 1975, and A. telciuensis Platia, 2013. Athous serbicus is recorded from Romania for the first time. The records of Athous bicolor, A. gottwaldi and A. silicensis in the Czech Republic and Slovakia were revised and the photographs of their biotopes were added.  
Records of 35 species from the family Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) of „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“ are summarized and firstly reported.  
19.03.2016 | Jiří Háva1 & Vladimír Navrátil2 | ELATERIDARIUM
In this paper, I provide the list of the records of Calambus bipustulatus (Linnaeus, 1767) and Hypoganus inunctus (Lacordaire, 1835) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The biotopes of this click-beetle species are described in detail and photo-documented. The website photogallery containing 183 photographs of the biotopes serves as a supplement of this paper.  
2160 species of 89 families altogether were recorded during the years 1970-2015 at 218 sites in the Broumovsko Protected Landscape area. The occurrence of the species that are characteristic for the individual habitats is discussed, and some ecological aspects influencing the species spectrum at some localities are commented on. A list of rare and remarkable species is given that also includes nine new species
in Bohemia. As far as these new species are concerned, Hydroporus fuscipennis Schaum,1868, Helophorus montenegrinus Kuwert, 1885, Tychius pusillus Germar, 1842, Scaphisoma obenbergeri Löbl, 1963, Danacea morosa Kiesenwetter, 1863, Meligethes matronalis Audisio et Spornraft, 1990, Atomaria bicolor Erichson, 1846 and Anaspis marginicollis Lindberg, 1925 have already been published, Caenoscelis
sibirica Reitter, 1889, have not been published yet.  
01.03.2016 | Alois Hamet 1) & Zdeněk Vancl 2) | FAUNISTICS MAPS CZECH & SLOVAK | ELATERIDARIUM
In this paper we report faunistic records of 370 species and subspecies of Coleoptera from the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) and Biosphere Reserve (BR) Křivoklátsko (Czech Republic, central Bohemia). In comparison with the previous papers by Rébl (2010) and Moravec & Rébl (2012, 2014), 111 species and subspecies from Křivoklátsko are recorded for the first time. Three of them are new for the Czech Republic (Orthocis juglandis (Reitter, 1885) (Ciidae), Leiodes litura Stephens, 1835 (Leiodidae) and Othius volans J. Sahlberg, 1876 (Staphylinidae)) and two are new for Bohemia (Baeocrara japonica (A. Matthews, 1884) and Ptenidium intermedium Wankowicz, 1869 (both Ptiliidae)). Another 10 records confirm the occurrence of these species in Bohemia (Cercyon castaneipennis Vorst, 2009 (Hydrophilidae), Cryptophagus uncinatus Stephens, 1830 (Cryptophagidae), Acrotrichis dispar (A. Matthews, 1865) (Ptiliidae), Caenocara affine (Sturm, 1837) (Ptinidae), Gyrophaena
rousi M. Dvořák, 1966, Megarthrus prosseni Schatzmayr, 1904, Mycetoporus baudueri Mulsant et Rey, 1875, Ochthephilum collare (Reitter, 1884) (all Staphylinidae), Trixagus atticus Reitter, 1921 (Throscidae) and Synchita mediolanensis A. Villa et J. B. Villa, 1833 (Zopheridae)). At present, 2838 species and subspecies belonging to 97 families are known from Křivoklátsko PLA.  
17.02.2016 | Pavel Moravec1) & Karel Rébl2) | FAUNISTICS MAPS CZECH & SLOVAK | ELATERIDARIUM

Dne 1.1.2016 byla provedena kompletní aktualizace faunistických map České republiky a Slovenska (197 map), pro druhy čeledí Cerophytidae (1), Elateridae (160), Eucnemidae (23), Lissomidae (1) a Throscidae (12).

Faunistické mapy a doprovodný komentář je na této adrese:

Máte-li nějaké údaje a jste ochotni se o ně podělit s ostatními kolegy, tak je ve svých článcích rád zveřejním. Všem kolegům, kteří se zapojili do faunistického mapování velice děkujeme a těšíme se na další spolupráci! Josef Mertlik  

P. S. Sháním kontakt na J. Horynu. Mám od něho na určení muzejku kovaříků ale bez adresy.

Faunistic records for eleven species of Elateridae are given – Agriotes modestus Kiesenwetter, 1858 (Albania and Macedonia), Athous barclayi Platia, 2010 (Bulgaria), Cardiophorus dolini Mardjanian, 1985 (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey), Cardiophorus ruficruris Brullé, 1832 (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kazakhstan, Macedonia and Turkey), Dicronychus aenescens Platia & Gudenzi, 2003 (Bulgaria), Dicronychus brullei Platia & Gudenzi, 2003 (Albania and Greece), Dicronychus bureschi (Roubal, 1936) (Greece), Dicronychus marani (Roubal, 1936) (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania), Negastrius sabulicola (Boheman, 1854) (Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina), Stenagostus zuercheri (Reitter, 1909) (Bulgaria and Turkey) and Zorochros stibicki (Leseigneur, 1970) (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey). Photos of above mentioned species biotopes are presented.  
02.12.2015 | Josef Mertlik1), Adam Šíma2) & Tamás Németh3) | ELATERIDARIUM
Records of 28 species from the family Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) of „Údolí Únětického potoka Natural Reserve“ are summarized and firstly reported.  
01.12.2015 | Jiří Háva1 & Vladimír Novák2 | ELATERIDARIUM
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Microrhagus pyrenaeus

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